For we have learned from recent experience that when a financial system weakens in one country, prosperity is hurt everywhere.

I think I can solve this problem without help.

I'd like to try one of those cookies.

It rained in the forest.

Sorry, I'm late.

How long does it take by bus?


He looks unhappy.

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Let me show you where the guest room is.

I didn't know what to say to her.

He is as wise as any.

I know where you live.

They were getting on in years now.

Dean wants my telephone number.

I asked Brad to pay his bill.

We stood face to face.

I think you've been eating too much junk food.

He is, so to speak, a star player.

Possibly the fossilized tracks belong to animals of the Jurassic period.

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We discussed our plans for a trip to Italy over coffee.

When was the last time you answered the phone?

Pradeep makes mistakes like everyone else.

I can answer that.

The UN has made November 20 Universal Children's Day. On this date, we celebrate the adoption of the Declaration on the Rights of the Child. In Brazil, Children's Day is October 12.


I just finished cleaning your place.


The plane was three hours late due to bad weather.

I think you are the one who broke it.

Those mechanics are paid as much as ten thousand yen per hour.

Ramiro is Lewis's younger sister.

Certainly. What can I do?

This project still keeps me very busy.

Pablo knows something's up.

Even though Teruyuki hadn't yet opened the box, he had a good idea what was inside.

Sumitro poured some wine into a glass.


Quit smoking if you don't want to die early.

Brad was trying to stay focused.

What's your name again?


I cannot pinpoint what went wrong.

I wish I didn't have so many problems.

Keep not two tongues in one mouth.

Water, please.

Gordon will be jealous.

I am working at the workshop.

I have a feeling Ronald will be late.

This a very significant discovery.

The boy persisted in his opinion.


The book is of great value.

She really said that?

He loves Australia.

The first lesson in democracy is to abide by the will of the people.

Such an act will be judged at the bar of public opinion.

This is relaxing.

For sale: baby shoes, never worn.

He is good for five thousand dollars.

I still can't believe this is happening.

What else could we expect?

It is best left untouched.

She is far away, but I still love her.

I think she's hiding something from me.

Rolfe didn't appear to recognize me.

I'll do it again.

There isn't a single mistake in his paper.

I'm getting sleepy. I should've gone to bed earlier last night.

She is making a mountain out of a molehill.

Black clouds announced the coming thunderstorm.

I don't want to look at them.

Jeanne and Jim are the same height.


The quality of translation has improved.

I've crossed the Atlantic several times.

After the exam we compared the answers we'd written.

No overseas adoptions yet? What kind of celebrity are you, anyway? Go sit at the kid's table with Kathy Griffin and Gary Busey!

Our software is proprietary.

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Francois swam in his clothes.


Mikey likes classical music while Wilson's a heavy metal fan.


This smart Bruno improvised a leapword play, which was a much more efficient method to move inside sentences. This way she had already jumped over two of them, including a very high first one.


She loves her dad.

That's what I do all day.

There are limits to my knowledge.


My house is near the post office.


The soldiers were told never to surrender.

How are we doing for time?

Niall sang badly on purpose.


The cook will get a thou, while mister schoolboy will get a beating.

I am thinking of changing jobs.

How's the weather out there?

We stood at the door and waited.

You're a pushover.


The Millennium Development Goals were supposed to be achieved by 2015.


Allow me to demonstrate my invention to you.

He is talking of going to Spain this winter.

Vaughn's company imports tea from India.

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I need to change my tires.

That was all we heard.

I'm the victim here.


I should have married your brother.

From a social perspective, menarche is typically considered the central event of female puberty - but menarche does not necessarily signal that ovulation has begun occurring.

Is it OK for some kid to show you up?

In the end he achieved his objective.

I am tired from a long walk.

The hour hand is broken.

Esperanto allows embracement of the world.


I feel horrible about that.


I have to leave now.


Sergei lives just up the street.

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Antonio didn't seem to mind that Varda was late.


Mitch doesn't care whether Svante stays or not.

I am shaking hands with my worst enemy.

Everyone looked on me as a leader.

I followed Metin back to his camp.

We saw a funny program on TV.

The steam train abruptly stopped.

Kyle was gunned down by an FBI agent.

The bug is still alive.

Who are you protecting?

How long does it take to get there from here?

"Who is that girl?" "That's Keiko."

Prices right now are sky-high.

I don't accept your arguments.


Ramadoss doesn't have a mean bone in his body.

Is there anything else that you want to know?

They arrived in the summer of 1847.

What sort of trickery do you have in store for me tonight?

We know for a fact it didn't happen that way.

I've given a speech or two in my time.

This knot will not hold.


I am longing for you to succeed as a businessman.

The students divided themselves into three groups.

You should help your friends when they're in trouble.

I wasn't trying to be sarcastic.

Can you open this jar for me?

Something is wrong with this washing machine.

This is a slow but certain way.

Roger ruined me.

If you're cold, come sit by the fire and warm yourself.

He put some sugar and milk in his tea.

Dean doesn't mind sleeping on the floor.

Who was the winner?

It's good to try new things once in a while.

I have once lived in Beijing, but now live in Seoul.

We'll need chairs.

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Many little red birds always sing merrily in the trees.

I also like cats.

That pole is not quite vertical.

Milo worked for Leung for a long time.

Unfortunately the telephone was out of order.


This problem is too difficult for me to solve.

What time do you get up on Sundays?

We know we have to do better.

Samir had a crisis of faith.

The lights in the kitchen burned all night.

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I still can't understand that.

He is the champion.

I wish all people loved peace.

We painted the door green.

The point is that she doesn't do homework for herself.

I didn't want to waste it.

Ritalynne doesn't know the difference between a fable and a fairytale.

Pedro doesn't want his picture taken.

In his business he cannot do without a car.

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Please wait while I get a towel

"I'm just popping out on a date, OK?" "Come home by 7, Sakura!"

Nicolas looks thoughtful.

We don't have the space.

I don't think it's going to rain today.

I speak from experience.

I found that she wore the same dress that I had seen her wear last time.

Come party with us.

It is not a dog.

He's a bonehead.

I just need you to sign here.